Has Vijay Rupani Upheld The Gujarat Model?

The short answer is, yes! Our research has been ongoing at project level outcomes even under Rupani as Chief Minister. And the results thus far are very promising.


ModiNomics deep-dived from a view from the Chief Minister’s Office to performance of departments, which were co-related with years of our field level research on outcomes. This then made ModiNomics the most authoritative account of the Gujarat Model of inclusive economics, inclusive governance.

I am now working on an update on Gujarat Model under Rupani that will be released towards the end of this year. The report will deep-dive from Chief Minister dashboard to departmental performance to our primary research on field-level outcomes. Pretty much the same methodology as ModiNomics.

The reason why I was able to write ModiNomics fast was because over a decade of having studied Gujarat, I had 360 degree view of governance right from CM office to departments to grassroots. It was then possible to bring in the perspective of inclusive economics inclusive governance. The book being project level outcomes and evidence based, was welcomed across all political spectrum and till date remains uncontested.

In a conversation with me, Modi elaborated on his governance experience:

“My Gujarat experience tells me the same government set-up, the same laws, the same officers can still deliver good governance. What good governance needs is good leadership and I do not merely mean political leadership. Quality leadership must be available at every level, including within the bureaucracy. The government cannot run merely on dreams. The government must be policy driven.”

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