Ethics Policy

Skoch Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. is committed to high standards of ethical conduct and in pursuance of these we follow the following guidelines:

  • The employees of the organisation are barred from offering gifts or any other consideration that may be considered improper to any government functionary towards the conduct of business or towards discharging their official duties.
  • Our assessment follows an editorially independent process. Employees and their immediate relatives are ineligible for applying for or receiving any of our ratings and awards. Any form of canvassing is prohibited and all such entries are summarily rejected.
  • There is no monetary component to any of our awards or ratings and these are limited to a memento and a citation.
  • Given our commitment to inclusive growth and poverty alleviation, no gifts in any form are offered to the delegates attending our programs. Participation certificates having no commercial value are provided wherever relevant. Time-relevant refreshments and meals are provided during the program in consideration of the program’s continuity and in the tradition of Indian hospitality.
  • To enable a wider multi-stakeholder consultation and to provide policymakers and practitioners first-hand insights into the felt needs of the citizens, no delegate fee is charged for central as well as state government employees in our programs. In case, as per their organisational/rules norms and applicable laws, delegates and nominees are required to take approvals or follow a process to participate in such programs, they are requested to take these measures beforehand.
  • The cost of the programs, content generation, publicity and revenue generation is through sponsorships, exhibitions, advertising and delegate fee collection (from general category delegates).

Please contact at with any questions or concerns about this disclosure.

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