SKOCH India Law Award

Kapil Sibal

Renowned Jurist & Senior Advocate & Member, Rajya Sabha

SKOCH India Law Award

Kapil Sibal

Senior Advocate & Member, Rajya Sabha

New Delhi, 14th May 2022

He wears several hats, lawyer, politician and a poet. He was especially noted for his service as a cabinet minister in the Congress-led UPA government. He was the Additional Solicitor General of India during 1989-90. In 1994, he was the only lawyer to appear in the Parliament and successfully defended a Supreme Court judge during impeachment proceedings.


Between 1995 and 2002 he served three times as the President of India’s Supreme Court Bar Association. He has made a reputation for himself as a lawyer who defended individual rights against the government. His first cabinet-level assignments were in 2006 when he took on the portfolios for both Science and Technology and Ocean Development.

L to R: Kapil Sibal Senior Advocate and Member, Rajya Sabha; Sameer Kochhar, Chairman, SKOCH Group

In 2009, he became the Minister for Human Resource Development and the following year, under his initiative, the Parliament passed a law that required the government to provide free elementary education to all children between the ages of 6 and 14 and Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system in India for Classes IX and X to prevent stress among students. In 2011, he was also made minister for Communications and Information Technology, continuing in that dual role until he relinquished the human resources development component in late 2012.

Acceptance Speech Mr Kapil Sibal, Senior Advocate & Member, Rajya Sabha

Mr Kapil Sibal, Senior Advocate & Member, Rajya Sabha

Kapil Sibal: A graduate of Harvard Law School, lawyer turned politician Kapil Sibal is not only known for his versatility but also for his ability to multi-task. He is the only lawyer in India to have had the privilege of addressing Parliament in 1993, in the historic impeachment proceedings of a sitting Judge of the Supreme Court.


He is a born reformer, seeking to guide the destiny of millions of children in India. He holds dual charge of the Ministries of Human Resource Development and Communications & IT. For his passion and relentless efforts in 2010, he was conferred the prestigious Stephen P. Duggan Award for Mutual Understanding, in New York, USA and the ET Business Reformer of the Year, in New Delhi.


The ‘Akash’ tablet, a low-cost access device, which he launched recenty nashing less than a technological revolution. He Avalved, in laying the communication, infrastructure the country to allow digital content to flow seamlessly reaching millions.


In his previous stint as Minister for Science & Technology he visited the Indian Station ‘Maitri’ in Antarctica in February 2004, thus becoming the first ever Member of Parliament to do so. He is also responsible for setting up the first Indian Research Station in the Arctic.

A Member of Parliament since 1998, he was elected trom the Lok Sabha Parliamentary Constituency of Chandni Chowk for two consecutive terms, in 2004 and 2009. representing the Indian National Congress. My World Within is his second book of poetry.

SKOCH India Law Award

SKOCH Award, independently instituted in 2003, is India’s honest civilian honour conferred by an independent organisation as a third party assessment. It is the only award in the country that is based on felt-needs assessment and outcome evaluation based on evidence. It therefore, recognises people, projects and institutions that go the extra mile to make India a better nation. 

SKOCH Challenger Award is non-competitive and conferred for having made a definitive impact on governance improvement and growth of India. These are based on primary research and recommendations by the Collegium of past SKOCH Challenger Awardees and the Distinguished Fellows of SKOCH Development Foundation. 

SKOCH Challenger Award comes with a backing of reputation of more than two decades. It is distinctive for its approach of selection of awardees. The SKOCH Challenger Award not only acknowledges exceptional achievers – organisations and individuals – but also spurs institutional guidance and best practices. 

SKOCH Literature Award

Mr Kapil Sibal

Senior Advocate & Member, Rajya Sabha

New Delhi, 14th May 2022

In the words of poet-lyricist Javed Akhtar, “If poetry is only emotions and feelings, it affects our minds just for a short while. If it is only intellect and wisdom it doesn’t touch our hearts. Kapil Sibal’s poetry is a synthesis of emotions and intellect. His poems are felt thoughts.”

On the day, when the book was released, the author had said, “Some thoughts in my previous book ‘I Witness’ had something to do in my past. This one essentially is my present.”

It is a compilation of 66 verses composed on his cellphone during time snatched in between his travels and other obligations as a Minister, he writes about “metre and rhythm central to life.” With varied themes ranging from love, desire, friendship, world economy, terrorism and international affairs, the poems take the reader on a path to discover a universe that is so perfect in its imperfection.

Wit, satire, humor and awareness of the dynamic world are but a few emotions that weave a rhythmic story, setting ‘My World Within’ apart from the others.


L to R: Kapil Sibal, Senior Advocate and Member, Rajya Sabha; Sameer Kochhar, Chairman, SKOCH Group

SKOCH Literature Award - “My World Within - Kapil Sibal”

Chat with Rohan -- In Conversation with Kapil Sibal

ILF 2022, Plenary Session​​

Book: My World Within - Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal

‘How do poems grow? They grow out of your life.’ -Robert Penn Warren

Replete with wit, satire, humour, and a passionate awareness of the ever-changing world, Kapil Sibal’s collection of poetry is a testimony to Warren’s belief. With varied themes ranging from love, desire, friendship, world economy, terrorism, and international affairs, the poems take us on a path to discover a universe that is so perfect in its imperfection.

The emotions and thoughts central to Kapil Sibal’s life weave a rhythmic story of his ‘world within’.


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